Team Skills:


+ Developing Top Teams
   (structure plus culture)

+ Qualities & Roles in Teams

+ Team communication & Meeting disciplines

+ Working in a (project) team (also for
   intercultural teams and/or virtual teams)

+ Creativity in Teams

+ Effective Brainstorming (also Web based)

+ COACHING on Team Performance

Even when being the best professional, working in a team asks for specific behaviour and additional skills. These examples of Team Skills trainings are all focussed on creating co-operation and synergy within a team. The total will be more than the sum of the parts! Of course you do need your Personal Skills and, if you are the leader of a team, you will need the corresponding Role Skills. In a team training you will get to know each other very well and it takes an open mind of all participants. Therefore team trainings are designed in such a way that possible resistance will gradually fade-out while commitment increases. Success will be the reward. If the training you are looking for is not on the list, please contact us, we always customize our trainings.

Al programs are carefully designed to meet the requirements of the client's organization, its target group and its targets. Thus, also per phase of the transformation cycle. But still we keep our prices competitively by using our self developed carousel system for training subjects. (more about training)