Our Services:


Transformation Management

Improvements in organizations never stand alone. Depending on the desired improvement, they usually have some impact on more than just one aspect of the organization. That will carefully be investigated and from there, more than just one plan may be determined. (more about transformation management)

Project Management

We cope with projects as temporary, unique assignments with a considerable amount of risk. Therefore BTC uses a methodology based on joint experience with colleagues from all over the world and many years on IPMA-B level. (more about project management)

Training & Workshops

Al programs are carefully designed to meet the requirements of the client's organization, its target group and its targets. Thus, also per phase of the transformation cycle. But still we keep our prices competitively by using our self developed carousel system for training subjects. (more about training)

Coaching / Supervision / Inter-vision

If anything at all is tuned to a personal need, it will be coaching. During an interview this need will be investigated and a coach plan will be defined, having clear goals. Nevertheless, if anything unexpected comes up during a coaching, it will be picked-up and dealt with. (more about coaching)


The mediator will take the emotional load off the conflict and he will re-establish the communication. By restoring trust and respect, the parties may loosen their positions and start looking at each others interests, in order to create room for creativity. (more about mediation)