Role Skills:


+ Transformation Management

+ Managing Projects

+ Inspiring Leadership

+ Coaching Skills

+ Consultancy Skills

+ Mediator Skills

+ Facilitator Skills

+ Trainer Skills (train the trainer)

+ COACHING on Role Performance

Fulfilling an organizational role effectively asks for the right competences. Employees who take a new role often lack these competences. Therefore it is of great importance that the desired competences are well defined and that adequate training will be provided. In this summary you will find some examples of Role Skills trainings of which the final definition will be determined by the specific need of the organization and the employee concerned. So these trainings always are made to measure, with a good chance of adding training modules from the Personal Skills or from the Team Skills as well. If the training you are looking for is not on the list, please contact us, we always customize our trainings.

Especially for the pharmaceutical industry, a training project management is developed to improve the quality of trial management! Adjustments on that training are used for all other functions within clinical research.

Al programs are carefully designed to meet the requirements of the client's organization, its target group and its targets. Thus, also per phase of the transformation cycle. But still we keep our prices competitively by using our self developed carousel system for training subjects. (more about training)