Personal Skills:


+ Intentional Communication
    (core competence training)

+ Intentional Negotiation
(The Harvard Negotiation Project)

+ Conflict Resolution

+ Managing your own time
    (Time Management)

+ Inspiring Presentations

+ COACHING on Personal Performance

Personal Skills are the basis for daily behaviour of every employee in an organization. These skills are additional to the professional skills of an employee and they take care of a more effective or more efficient execution of the job.

They also are the basis of a healthy organizational culture, because with these skills employees develop positive behaviour. Especially the training "Intentional Communication" deserves a place in many other trainings. In most of our trainings we build up from this one. If the training you are looking for is not on the list, please contact us, we always customize our trainings.

Al programs are carefully designed to meet the requirements of the client's organization, its target group and its targets. Thus, also per phase of the transformation cycle. But still we keep our prices competitively by using our self developed carousel system for training subjects. (more about training)