Our Mission:

"We are the Pit-Stop for organizations in development"

Our Commitment:

We guide organizations when implementing internal changes, especially when cultural aspects are crucial for a successful implementation. We take care that transformation within an organization will be carried out successfully while the possibilities of people and of the organization are taken into consideration.

We support organizations to realise their targets by stimulating staff to focus their competences and their energy toward the major priorities of the organization.

We achieve this by contributing to the personal growth of the people within an organization, focussed on professionalizing the people and creating synergy.

Our contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility:

For the non-profit health care industry and for formal education institutes we use 
a reduced pricing system.

Well motivated job searching youngsters may apply for
our free guiding service. (ask for our conditions)

The core values of our services:

PAY RESPECT to someone's motivation and interest;

HAVE FAITH in (underlying) positive intentions;

HELP others using our own sources;

SUPPORT others gaining benefit.