"The significant problems we face, cannot be solved at the same
level of thinking we were at, when we created them" (Albert Einstein)

Using this statement as a starting point, in mediation we will find a solution that will be recognised as a real solution by both conflicting parties. A compromise is not good enough! Based on "The Harvard Negotiation Project" we will look for deeper interests and motives and we will build a bridge between the parties that will lead to a solution in the interest of both parties.

The conflict mediator will first take the emotional load off the conflict and he will re-establish the communication. By restoring trust and respect, the conflicting parties may loosen their (hardened) positions and start looking at each others interests, which will create room for creativity in the search for a solution. The mediator does not judge, not even about a solution, but he will help the conflicting parties to find an optimal solution themselves, in the interest of both.

On forehand a contract with procedures and constraints will be set-up between all parties, including the mediator, to enlarge the chance of a successful negotiation. This contract also limits possible damage to any party in case the mediation will be ended prematurely.

This method is perfectly suitable for resolving conflicts between people who have a long term relationship (it also applies to intimate relationships), either within an organization or between organizations. Mediation is a fast, effective and a very creative way of resolving conflicts with a very high success factor. The willingness of the conflicting parties to find a solution is a crucial success factor in this approach.

If you would like to know how mediation can create a breakthrough when searching for a resolution in a lasting problem situation, please contact us, we will reply soon.