Gerard Bakker

Investing in 'Human Capital' means: Approaching people as humans who will only give the best of themselves from their free will.

For me, that's the most important prerequisite for inspiring leadership and gaining synergy.

Stimulating people to develop themselves into free people is what became my most significant drive.


Gerard Bakker speaks from experience. After he studied Electro Engineering and Information Technology he enjoyed a successful career throughout Europe and parts of the USA, first as an ICT consultant and a project manager, after that as a trainer, a marketing manager and finally as a business-unit manager. The common lines through his profession were People and Sustainable Transformation.

Structural changes in his personal life made him aware of his additional competences on top of his business experience. His passion for personal growth and his long term experience in leading people were the basis for establishing Beneficial Transformation Centre in 1995.

Gerard has the following background:
Project Management
Organizational Development
Educational Development
Marketing and Sales
People Management
Interpersonal Communication
Personal Development
Mind Control
Theory U