Cultural Improvement:


Speaking of cultural improvement, you may get associations with long term processes with very little effect. You don't want that to happen! Cultural changes touch the core of the organization and therefore also the core of the people involved. A cultural change program can therefore only be successful if you consider these cores very carefully.

In our approach for cultural improvement you'll find the essence of Theory U by Otto Scharmer. According to this method, we listen to the people involved with the highest attention and respect. With them, we will search for their intrinsic motivation (the cores). From there one can build up a future because there is no obstruction by old patterns from the past.

Whether you deal with a major change or a very small one, serious care stands for sustainability!

Sometimes we just talk about minor changes. Or maybe you would like to confirm the current culture with an off-site meeting or a brainstorm session. And how about giving your annual work conference a "fun-factor"? There is no list of examples, but nothing is impossible. As important as the process itself, is the reason why you want a cultural improvement. Since "We only provide the service you really need!", why not contact us in an early stage and have this sorted out together? Even when BTC does not have the right competences for the execution of an event, we do have an extensive network in which any competence is available. Just send us your question!

Al programs are carefully designed to meet the requirements of the client's organization, its target group and its targets. Thus, also per phase of the transformation cycle. But still we keep our prices competitively by using our self developed carousel system for training subjects. (more about training)